Shine for yourself, you will shine for all of us!

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The Serbian Teacher Award Enlightener serves to highlight the importance of educators and the fact that their efforts deserve to be recognized and rewarded.  It also seeks to recognize the impact of exceptional teachers – not only on their students, but also on the wider community in which they live and work.

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The Enlightener award prize money amounts to 1,000,000 dinars, which represents the most valuable teaching award in the Republic of Serbia and is a unique symbol of excellence in Serbian education.

One dream, your dream, which we will achieve together!

Inspired by ancestors

Through the legacy of the ancestors, the idea is to encourage teachers with this award to show their excellence and commitment, creative spirit and constant striving for higher quality standards in education.

Protector of the profession

This award aims to be a protector of the profession because it is aimed at the respect of all teachers who strive for high ethical standards and quality of education, as well as the constant motivation of those who find it a challenge.

Pillar of integrity

Through this prestigious recognition, we want to inspire all teachers to be creative, inventive and innovative, and in addition, the idea is to present them as persons who, due to their knowledge and skills, are recognized in society for their integrity.

Discovering exceptionalism

This award reflects a collective light to support and highlight excellence in education. The holder of this title becomes a symbol of the teacher's passion and he represents an indispensable link in the transmission of the light of knowledge, which is crucial for building a healthy and educated nation.

Source of light

Enlightener is a reward that radiates a ray of light, similar to the one used by Serbian educators to illuminate the dark corners of ignorance. This award is a call for teachers to be sources of light for their students and colleagues, and to never stop shining, because by shining for themselves, they will shine for all of us.

Merging generations

Enlightener is based on the idea of ​​merging generations. Through this recognition, a bridge is created between the past and the future, and the historical legacy of the educator is reflected in modern education.

Spiritual heritage

Enlightener is a word that carries a distinct spiritual heritage, and the award of the same name recognizes intellectual achievements and points to the great ethical and educational contribution of a teacher that demands respect.

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A Word from the Founder

"The Serbian Teacher Award was launched to highlight the exceptionality of the teaching profession and the importance of education when facing the major challenges faced by this branch, from the complete marginalization of teachers, over the growing violence in schools, to the need for a total paradigm shift in Serbian education. I invite employees in preschool, elementary, and high school education, both formal and informal, to apply for this year's competition.I invite employees in preschool, elementary, and high school education, both formal and informal, to apply for this year's competition.

Educational policy makers must never forget that education is not and must not be seen as an expense, but only as an investment."

Alek Kavcic