• Investment in Education

    Željana Radojičić Lukić presented the Serbian teacher award "Enlightener" in the Euronews Serbia morning program. The Alek Kavčić Foundation launched the Serbian teacher award "Enlightener", intended for exceptional teachers, teachers and educators in formal or non-formal education.
  • How to prevent classrooms from being “sorrowhouses” – RTS, “Beogradska hronika” show

    Zeljana Radojicic Lukic and Borko Petrovic presented the "Enlightener" award and spoke on topics from the field of education, happy learning, and classrooms of the future.
  • The Enlightener Award for outstanding educators has been established

    The "Alek Kavcic" Foundation launched the first Serbian teacher award "Enlightener". The first place in this competition of the best kindergarten, primary and secondary school teachers of Serbia brings 1,000,000 dinars, but also opens the door to participation in the global competition of educators "Global Teacher Prize".